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Venomous Empress Reborn

Venomous Empress Reborn
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Venomous Empress Reborn

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    Summary # scurturing # rebirthShe was a daughter of the general’s family and a gentle woman. She fell for Prince Ding and offered be his wife. After supporting him for six years, she became his empress.After risking being a hostage in a foreignuntry, she returned five years later find that she no longer had a place in his imperial harem. Lying in his arms, the newnsort said with a sneer, “Sis, now that theuntry is stable, it’s time for you die.”Her daughter died a tragic death and her son was removed as crown prince. The Shen family had been loyal, but they ended up being slaughtered.Shen Miao never thought that their marriage and mutual support all this while would end up being just an act Prince Ding put on! Prince Ding said, “On aunt that you’ve been with me for twenty years, I’ll allow you die with your entire body intact. Now you may thank me and hang yourself death.”Before she hung herself, Shen Miao made a resentful oath, “When I perish, I will haunt you day and night!”She was reborn as her fourteen year old self when the tragedies had yet occur and her family was still intact. She was still the delicate and elegant daughter of a general’s family.Her relatives were evil, herusin sisters were vicious and ruthless, and her aunties were eyeing her possessions. She had protect her family, take revenge, and get back what belonged her. In this life, she would be the last one standing!However, the Xie family’s young marquis, an unruly youth, pushed her up against the wall and said arrogantly, “Remember, the world belongs you, and you belong me!”The thirteen cities of You State… belong you.The city of Dingyuan in Mobei… belongs you.Yuzhou by the Yangtze River, the East Sea of Dingxi, the Green Lake of Lin’an, and Luoyang City… they all belong you.If they all belong me, what will you take, Xie Jingxing?Hmm… you.At first, he said impassively, “There has always been a clear distinction between the Shen and Xie family. For the Shen family’s daughter suddenly show us goodwill, she must have ill intentions!”Then, he said calmly, “We’re all on the same boat. Shen Miao, behave yourself. Who would have the audacity force you i a marriage while I’m around?”After that, he said proudly, “Overthrowing an empire isn’t that hard. My dear, how shall we divide this great piece of land?”Finally, he waved his hand domineeringly. “Sweetheart, dividing them iso much work. Forget it! They’re all yours, and you are mine!”Shen Miao yelled, “Get out!”A domineering empress who was reborn and a young delinquent marquis. Both leads are righteous and they dote on each other.You’re reading “Venomous Empress Reborn” on See all Hide

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