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War God Supreme

War God Supreme
681 Chapters
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War God Supreme

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    Summary Divine Martialntinent — a land where only the strongest will prevail, where Warriors are born, each tied an innate Warrior Soul of a single element. With the nature of the five elements acting asunters each other, it was only natural that fire and ice are at odds.Amongst all Warriors, a genius was born. He was blessed with both the Immemorial Ice Crystal and Flaming Sacred Body, destined create legends which would leave thousands of worlds trembling at his feet. That changed when a young man from Earth named Li Lingtian transmigrated Divine Martialntinent andok physical possession of the gifted young man. It turned out for the worst as the gifted young man became a good-for-nothing and he fell from grace.However, the eunter would prove be a blessing in disguise when Li Lingtian obtains the Heaven and Earth Reincarnation, a technique that will push him thep once more and ultimately allowing him be a step closer his goal — of bming the War God Supreme.Would our MC achieve his goal? Or would he fail and return his old ways as a good-for-nothing? Follow along his journey find out. You’re reading “War God Supreme” on See all Hide

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