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What Separates Me and You

What Separates Me and You
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What Separates Me and You

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    Read What Separates Me and You by Victoria Wilson. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereWhat Separates Me and You by Victoria Wilson full chapter on . Artist: Josephine Vance, Lewis Alvarez... Genre: Marriage Josephine Vance anxiously watched the clock on the wall as it neared midnight, knowing that the meal she had prepared would soon grow cold once more. Eventually, Lewis Alvarez stumbled back into the room, clearly inebriated, with his suit jacket hanging off his arm. She attempted to help him sober up by offering a glass of water, but he clumsily knocked it over and, without consent, kissed her. The pungent mixture of alcohol and a woman's perfume filled the air as he approached her. She tried to resist, but he forcibly led her into the bedroom. He carelessly threw her onto the bed and made his intentions clear, devoid of any emotion other than lust. Josephine, unable to speak due to her muteness, could only endure silently, her gaze fixed on a potted plant in the corner of the room. Lewis, however, continued to ask why she remained silent, alternating between humiliating her and expressing his own frustration. Desperate toply with him in these situations, Josephine reached for his hand and nuzzled it against her face, much like a kitten seeking to please its owner. This seemed to appease him momentarily, and he kissed her passionately. When Josephine finally opened her eyes, it was already morning. The space beside her in bed was empty, but she could hear the sound of water running in the bathroom. She quickly dressed, and as she put on her last garment, she noticed Lewis's phone on the bedside table. Curiosity led her to glance at the screen, revealing messages from Sierra Woods, suggesting a romantic involvement between them. Josephine froze as the bathroom door swung open, and Lewis, clad in a towel, stepped out. Droplets of water adorned his body, his wet hair hung down, and beads of water traced the contours of his well-defined chest. Josephine averted her gaze, focusing on buttoning her clothes. Lewis picked up his phone and, while eyeing her dressing with her head down, asked if she had seen the messages. Josephine responded with a subtle smile and shook her head. On their wedding day, Lewis had warned her not to fall in love with him, and her knowledge of his involvement with Sierra wouldn't change that. He might care, but not about her jealousy, hurt, or upset feelings. She believed her love and emotions would only burden him, and she feared he might reject her. In sign language, she gestured, "I'll make breakfast," and left for the kitchen, her body aching. Lewis watched her retreating figure, then deleted Sierra's messages from his phone. After Josephine finished preparing breakfast, she placed it on the table in front of his seat. Eventually, Lewis dressed and joined her at the table. Their meal was consumed in silence, a stark contrast to the past when he used to confide in her. Suddenly, he asked her to apany him to Alvarez Manor, to which she agreed with her usual gentle smile. This left Lewis feeling a sense of emptiness, realizing the hollowness of his life... Read What Separates Me and You by Victoria Wilson