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Wife Loving Husband: Husband, spoil me some more!

Wife Loving Husband: Husband, spoil me some more!
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Wife Loving Husband: Husband, spoil me some more!

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    Summary At the age of 6, she lost her mother,At the age of 10, she lost her dear grandmother,6 years back, she was fooled by her soon-be fiance and was forced leave her maternal house,4 years back, she was kidnapped and then was in an accident, due which she forgot the past 2 years of her life.Life was never easy on her. She has suffered a lot!Someone hasrrectly quoted, “justice can be delayed but it will not be denied.”Finally, God showered her with mercy. She was found by her paternal family. She got a loving grandmother, an uncle and ausin. With their support, she rose in power and was now a name of terror in the business world, Zhou Liying.Zhou Liying, popularly known as Hitler or a heartless woman was a smart, shrewd and successful businesswoman. She was called heartless but she had a big heart, doors which were opened only for her dear one....5 years back, he fell in love for the first time,4 years back, he was separated from her when she was kidnapped.Mu Yuehan was once a charming, happy-go boy. He lost himself when he lost her, the love of his, he was living like a zombie, holding o the ray of hope that he would find her. He was a broken man. Only sheuld fix him. He was alive only for her.“Where are you, TianTian? I miss you.” He lovingly looked at the ph in his hand. A tear fell from his eyes....“Boss, we found her. She is living with a new identity of Zhou Liying, CEO of Zhourporations. ”“Interesting.” Lips of Mu Yuehan tilted up in a doting smile when he looked at her latest ph. His heart started beat fast like a bullet train. A giddy, boyish smile appeared on his face.“I am so happy have found you.” His voice was so soft that anyoneuld say he loved the lady in the ph more than anything....“Who are you?” Zhou Liying looked at Mu Yuehan as if seeing him for the first time.“How can you forget about me? How can you forget only about me?” Mu Yuehan broke down when he realized that the lady he loved had forgotten all about him....Mu Yuehan was not the one accept defeat in front of fate. Now, he was on a mission, 'make her fall in love with me, again.'“What are you doing here?“”Didn't I tell you, I am a parasite who is stuck with you!“Tricks pursue her:- Showering her with gifts ✓- Seducing her by using his body ✓- Staying by her side 24/7 ✓- Fighting against her attackers, protect her ✓- Being shameless ✓What else is left?Will Mu Yuehan be able make Zhou Liying fall in love with him? Will Zhou Liying get her revenge on her ex soon be fiance? What will be the hindrancesming in their love life know the answers, peek inside the book: 'Wife loving husband: Husband, spoil me some more!' You’re reading “Wife Loving Husband: Husband, spoil me some more!” on See all Hide

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