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The Science Ace Go Back To The Past To Save Her Brothers

The Science Ace Go Back To The Past To Save Her Brothers
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The Science Ace Go Back To The Past To Save Her Brothers

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    Summary # GROUP PAMPERINGIn her previous life, Su Su offered up her life for science, and in the end, she developed a system thatuld let her travel through time and space, allowing her return a time 30 years ago, the day before her family was destroyed.She was only four at that time, and she was the legitimate lady of the Su family, though she ended up wandering the streets. At the same time, the imposter, Su Nan, lived a lavish life in the Su family, and she was also well loved by her brothers.When Su Su brought with her a dirty doll and stepped i the Su family’s mansion, they were holding a grand birthday party for Su Nan. But this was also a sign that the Su family’s tragic fate was about change!However, the imposter, Su Nan, panicked. “She’s just a beggar, and yet she’s pretending be Su Su! Chase her out!”The guests snickered and agreed with her. “Where did this girlme out from? The Su family lost their eldest daughter when she’s just one years old. Someone must haveld this four-year-old girl do this, right?”Su Su ran i her noble and reserved big brother’s arms. “Brother, I’m Su Su! I came back! If you don’t believe me, we can do a paternity test!”In her previous life, she was only divered and brought back the Su family when she was an adult. Unfortunately, by then, the Su family was already persecuted the point where it was almost ruined. This time, Su Su swore that she would save her brothers!Much later, when the four-year-old Su Su used the technology save the Su family, Su Nan’s real identity was exposed. In truth, the Su family’s downfall was linked this imposter…You’re reading “The Science Ace Go Back The Past Save Her Brothers” on See all Hide